Go sober for October!

When I first saw the advert I was hungover after one of my friend’s leaving do.
It was Sunday afternoon and I could not move at all. Do you know those moments when everything you want is just a good fry up and few more hours sleep? I was in that state. I was hangover, tired and literally most unhappy person in Kent at this very moment.  All I knew was that I don’t want to drink anymore. Typical, isn't it? Especially if you drunk good amount of wine last night.
You don’t really think about having an alcohol…At least to the next weekend. But that was far too much even for me. I mean – don’t get me wrong- I've tried ‘hair of the dog’ few times and I was well surprised. It worked and I felt better (yes, I am Polish!) but I didn't feel that is the case during this miserable Sunday afternoon.
No one volunteered to make me a breakfast and I would feel stupid to ask any of my neighbours. With no one around my flat I've decided to use the oldest tricks of the world - sleep until I feel better. I skipped the breakfast hoping that I will be able to survive till dinner. Since I didn't want to drink more alcohol (how come?) I've ordered the food.
Gave a call to my other half to inform him that Sunday roast will have to wait till…next Sunday and all I am capable to do now is to call nice Chinese place and ask to deliver Thai curry.  So I did.
And I made a decision.
I will sign up to Sober for October. I will not have an alcohol for next month no matter what! I will raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support to show empathy to those who suffer every single day.  For them and their families. For children and adults. Just to show that I am here and I do care.
How many times you have been asked for help? How many times you thought: ‘I haven’t got money myself, how can I help someone else?’ You can. And everyone has own idea about it.
You can give your time, your money, and your clothes. You can jump out of the plane, run marathon or climb Mount Everest. No one expects thousands of pounds. You know why? Because every penny makes the difference.
Very often we just don’t realize how lucky we are. How healthy we are… By doing charity you are not only helping people who suffer. You are helping yourself. The good you things you do today will get back to you tomorrow.

If you want to help me to help those who suffer, please, visit:


My journey will continue.

Take care,


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jaimin patel said...

I always said you couldn't handle your drink... :)