Is it not too early to summarize a year yet?

J: Shall we list all the great things about your year so far to reflect on?
 Trip to HK/Dubai, Amsterdam & Prague. Climbing, assault course runs, shoulder repaired which means back to weights, better friends with some people (including you), solo skydive & I love my new white shoes. You?


M: I like the bit about new shoes :)


Trip to few countries, trip to Bratislava for a play.

New job.

Driving licence!

And I have had this thing removed from my forehead which is a good.

J: I would add Poland trip at beginning of the year, euro trip with great company, nice visit from parents (you really seemed to have loved that), deposit for own place, mysterious relationship with mysterious boyfriend (or girlfriend if that’s your thing?), film version of Anna Karenina (with Jude Law!!), Eddie Vedder concert (you seem to love this guy’s tunes even though he has a magicians name), some awesome earrings?

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