If you had a choice...

Where would you  go?


Part of me still missing this massive country. This picture has not been uploaded by mistake. That's the place I've never seen in my life. That's the place I would see if I go to India again. This place and many, many more.  Since I've made a decision to see 'one more country before I die' I feel more happy than ever. Consider  very popular sentence, that you only live once I can't go wrong with that, can I?
I can pin India on the map and say:'That's a country I've been to!'

Can I do the same with Thailand?

Not...Yet :)
The flight prices are very similar, so what i need to do is...
Decide where to go.
Get the tickets.
Apply (and pay-sic!) for visa.
Pack all staff (no malaria tablets though!)
Take the Love one with me
(In my case he will have to make sure that I'm not missing :)

Off we go!

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